Why Do Guys Watch P0rn and Live Sex Cams

Why Do Guys Watch P0rn and Live Sex Cams?
Many of my friends (girls) asked me this question. I want to address it here on the blog because I have been asked hundreds of times.
First of all as you know, men react to visual stimulants. We are turned on by what you see more than anything else. That’s why the adult industry will exist for as long as men exist on the planet. That is why we enjoy watching p0rn.
Fact check to all women. Men watch p0rn and live sex. When you are not there, at some point your man will watch p0rn or live sex online. Men love and enjoy p0rn and pleasure themselves because we are visual creatures and sexual imagery turns us on at a basic carnal level. We are not perfect, and one of the problems is with women who expect perfection from men when women should be looking at how unrealistic their attitudes are towards men in the modern digital internet driven world which is full of sexual imagery.
Men watch p0rn for the same reason woman watch tv dramas and telenovelas. It's entertainment based on a subject we have great interest in. It's not much different than watching sports. I read somewhere that men think about sex an average of 8 times per hour. This is way more than the average for women. We are pretty much wired this way due to testosterone hormone levels. Who knows, maybe it's some mechanism to ensure the continuation of the species?
Now, the live sex cams offer that visual excitement combined with the ultimate few fantasies of many men: to watch a stranger getting undressed and somehow to interact and control with that stranger.
Since all those sites are interactive, not just payed p0rn where a model filmed the video and then is distributed the excitement for guys grows exponentially.
On top of this it satisfies a basic human need that is more prevalent in man than in women, the need for diversity.
So when you stack the visual content on top of the need of man to control and with the need of diversity watching live sex cams becomes the ultimate fantasy and ultimate excitement.
Most women are annoyed by this and they try to somehow fix it. In my opinion it’s not a thing to be fixed and you would have to get used to it.
Show him that you care about him, be honest about how you feel (without being angry and accusing him) and it is very likely he will open up about it and discuss all this with your. For me it is a turn on when my girlfriend tries to understand things like that about me.
If talking about it it is hard for you, do things that turn him on. Try new things, find what drives him crazy about you.
I know girls like a guy that understands them... we like being understood too, even though we can't usually bring ourselves to say so. It seems like girls don't make much of an effort to understand guys though. It would make life so much happier for both if they tried.
One thing that I’ve noticed for most of the women that I know is that they take it personally. Here I want to state my opinion from a man’s perspective. We watch p0rn and live sex for entertainment and it is in no way connected to how we feel about you. We’re not into fantasizing about what we watch when we have sex with you (our partner). We’re not in any way comparing what we see online with what we have at home (at least I don’t).We, the man population, rarely compare our partners with those models because there are so many aspects in the relationship besides the physical look. "Sexyness" isn't based solely on how you look but your attitude, being funny, behaviour, smartness.... all are equally important. The intimacy you share with your partner is the most important and so is respect. From a men’s point of view, it is much more "sexier" than the curves of those models.
Another problem mentioned in those questions is the fact that because some guys are too much into the live sex online or watching p0rn the frequency and the quality of sex at home gets worse. That is a real problem and it should be addressed as soon as possible. Sex, live sex, watching p0rn, like anything else can become an addiction that needs to be treated as an addiction. There are addictions or obsessions that can be damaging to a relationship. A woman can watch too many dramas and telenovela and start to compare her relationship to the one in the novel or on tv and of course, problems will follow in her real life relationship. But that's a case of not knowing the difference between fantasy and reality. Most girls and guys know the difference. It is possible to enjoy fantasy and not allow it to interfere with reality same way as it is possible to play HitMan and not to start people on the street. You might be lucky and find one of the few guys who does not enjoy some fantasy fun on the internet but I strongly believe guys like that don’t exist, or that if they exist they are not very honest with themselves.
Many women feel betrayed or cheated when noticing their guy watching live sex. Even though on the logical level they would want to understand it on the emotional level they can’t. I can’t think of a solution for this at the emotional level. You would just have to somehow understand that we’re guys and we’re different than you girls.
Another aspect that needs to be discussed is that it’s completely different from reality. There is absolutely no emotion involved. Also I usually think about the girl I'm with while watching p0rn so it is more like a visual aid, or the girl I was with before (if I'm single). Ladies often do it too as far as I know. I caught my ex masturbating while watching my p0rn on numerous occasions. Considering that your man is cheating if he's watching p0rn is like if he accused you of cheating because you have a dild0 in your drawer.
In all honesty Sometimes I feel some woman have too many perceived and unreal boundaries and rules that it makes the sex life boring. I love to explore new things with my partner. I bring it up and get resistance but I can slowly see her freakness come out. I look at cam models. I personally use http:CuteLiveGirls.com

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